Cold front to send South Fla. temperatures plummeting

South Florida may break record high heat temperatures this week, but the scorcher is expected to end soon.

A strong cold front is forecast to move through the peninsula Friday or Saturday morning, bringing with it daytime temperatures cooler than normal for this time of year.

The National Weather Service is predicting a high around 70 degrees on Saturday, which is six degrees below the 30-year normal maximum high for that day. AccuWeather puts Saturday’s high at 69 degrees.

AccuWeather forecast
AccuWeather forecast

The NWS has the overnight low temperature dipping to 60 degrees, which is one degree warmer than normal for Dec. 19.

“A much drier and milder air mass may finally knock temperatures and humidity levels back to values more typical of the holiday season, particularly for this coming weekend,” NWS forecasters wrote this morning.


But before the cold from hits South Florida, temperatures will continue well above normal for this time of year and could break records.

The high today in West Palm Beach is forecast to hit 86 degrees. The record for today was 87 degrees, set in 1920. It’s possible the overnight low of 75 degrees was a record-setter, or at least tied for the record. I’m checking on that now.

The typical normal high temperature 76 degrees. The normal low for today is 60 degrees.

This Saturday forecast shows the low pressure system pushing through Florida into the Florida Straits.
This Saturday forecast shows the low pressure system pushing through Florida into the Florida Straits.

Florida is suffering its hottest year on record and is expected to finish 2015 as top ranked for toasty temperatures.

South Florida temperatures have been running an average 3 degrees warmer than  normal this year.


A report released Wednesday by the National Centers for Environmental Information, shows the first 11 months of the year have simmered at an average 73.7 degrees in the Sunshine State. That’s 2.5 degrees above average and higher than anything measured in the 121 years records have been kept.

Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties are on a similar track with November topping off as the hottest 11-month streak since Grover Cleveland was president with an average temperature of 77.8 degrees.

This weekend’s cool front is an extension of an incredibly strong storm that hit Alaska last weekend.

According to AccuWeather, the central area of low pressure of the storm as measured over the Bering Sea was 924 millibars. The strongest low pressure measured over Alaskan soil was from a storm in 1977 that measured 925 millibars.

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