Watch: Man poses with struggling shark as people take photos

A man in a viral video is shown pulling a shark out of the water and posing with it while people snap photos.

The incident, which occurred on a beach in Palm Beach County, was written up in The Telegraph, which credits WPTV anchorwoman Ashleigh Walters with catching video of the encounter.

WPTV confirmed Walters took the video Saturday on Palm Beach.

The shark was released back into the water after the photo shoot.

Last week, a baby dolphin died after people passed it around a beach in Argentina.

Florida Atlantic University shark researcher Stephen Kajiura caught thousands of sharks migrating off the coast of Palm Beach earlier this month.

Courtesy Ashleigh Walters, WPTV anchorwoman.

Courtesy Ashleigh Walters, WPTV anchorwoman.

Kajiura said the shark migration was late this year, possibly because ocean temperatures stayed warm later into the year than normal.

Global ocean temperatures were the warmest on record in 2015, measuring 1.33 degrees above the 20th century average, according to NOAA.

Fishing for shark from the beach is legal in Florida and it’s OK to kill spinner sharks as long as they are 54 inches long from nose to tail. There are about 25 shark species, including the Atlantic angel and scalloped hammerhead shark, that cannot be harvested.

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