7 things to do during National Hurricane Preparedness Week

With the June 1 Atlantic basin hurricane season approaching, the National Hurricane Center is reminding everyone that preparation is key.

While the U.S has not been hit by a major hurricane in a decade, forecasts this year are pointing to a near to slightly-above average season and that means a better chance of a storm making landfall.

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NHC Director Rick Knabb has posted a blog to kick off the week with some interesting comments he hears every year, including: “I’ve lived here for decades and we’ve never had a hurricane. I figure I’m good.”

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“These are ‘before’ statements,” Knabb said in his blog.

What do they say afterward: “No one told me it could be this bad.”

With that in mind, here are 7 things the NHC wants people to do before hurricane season begins:


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