Meteor shower begins this week with lengthy light show

The Delta Aquarid meteor shower begins this week, but will continue through the end of the month, peaking on July 28 or 29. suggests the best viewing times for the Delta Aquarid shower is after midnight and before dawn.

Perseid meteor shower, 2009. Photo from Wikipedia

August’s Perseid meteor shower, 2009. Photo from Wikipedia

While the shower favors the southern hemisphere, Florida is low enough that the meteors should be visible during optimal viewing times and conditions.

“About five to ten percent of the Delta Aquarid meteors leave persistent meteor trains – glowing ionized gas trails that last a second or two after the  meteor has passed,” EarthSky notes. “The meteors burn up in the upper atmosphere about 60 miles above Earth’s surface.” says the Delta Aquarids can send out 20 meteors per hour and radiate from the constellation Aquarius.


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