Elusive green flash captured in Florida, see one for yourself

More myth than reality, the elusive green flash that can supposedly be seen after the sun sets was captured by Florida resident Tim Trogdon.

The green flash, also called green rays, occur because of how the atmosphere causes the sunlight to separate into different colors as the sun goes down, according to Wikipedia. 

While there’s no special viewing technology needed to see the green flash, they are more likely to be visible in stable, clear air, the moment after the sun goes down.

Check The Palm Beach Post radar map.

Taylor Trogdon, a senior scientist with the National Hurricane Center, posted his father’s photo on Twitter. The picture was taken in Marco Island.

EarthSky.org says to see the green flash it’s best not to look at the sun until it is nearly entirely below the horizon.

“If you do, you will dazzle (or damage) your eyes and ruin your green flash chances for that day,” EarthSky notes.

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