Cooler temperatures may arrive earlier than thought

South Florida may not have to wait through the weekend for cooler temperatures from the first significant cold front of the 2016 fall season.

Forecasters today said the overnight lows on Friday may drop to the high 60s with Saturday barely reaching 80 degrees and Sunday stretching to hit 78 degrees.

The front is being driven by the powerful jet stream, which is screaming across the U.S. at about 30,000 feet. A severe plunge south by the river of air is what will push the cooler temperatures through South Florida.

The low pressure heading east will also push out a stubborn high pressure system that has been centered over Georgia and the Carolinas and helped send the easterly winds into Florida since Hurricane Matthew headed north Oct. 7.

Winds will turn north on Friday, gusting as high as 23 mph over the weekend.

West Palm Beach hasn’t experienced an overnight low under 70 degrees since May.

The weekend is also expected to be mostly shower-free following the front, making for a sunny, cool and dry weekend.

National Weather Service forecasters in Miami continue to have a high risk of rip currents posted in Palm Beach County and a coastal flood advisory as the king tides continue the annual flood of some coastal areas.

As measured at Palm Beach International Airport:
Normal daytime high, Oct. 18-19: 85 degrees
Normal daytime high, Oct. 20-25: 84 degrees
Normal overnight low, Oct. 18-22: 71 degrees
Normal overnight low, Oct. 23-26: 70 degrees
Average date of first 60-degree temperature: Nov. 2