JUST IN: Hottest day of the year with heat index of 107

Today marked the hottest day of 2017 with 94 degrees measured at Palm Beach International Airport and a heat index of 107.

There have been five 93-degree days this year, including three in May.

The mercury only peaked at 94 briefly Friday between 1 p.m. an 2 p.m., with the 107 “feels like” temperature lasting about the same amount of time.

Check The Palm Beach Post radar map.

The 94 degrees is four degrees above what’s normal for this time of year, but doesn’t beat the 1950 record high of 97 degrees.

The weather pattern is expected to shift into the weekend with rain chances increasing to 60 percent Sunday. High temperatures Saturday and Sunday will remain in the low-90s, but slip into the high 80s on Monday.

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