Tropical Depression Lee regenerates

Update 5 p.m.: The National Hurricane Center said Tropical Depression Lee has reformed and could become a tropical storm as it wobbles around in the far off Atlantic.

Lee, which formed Sept. 14, fizzled five days later. But forecasters said it has developed a new center that is well defined.

Lee is more than 900 miles east of Bermuda and no threat to land. But forecasters note that small tropical cyclones are subject to rapid changes, “both up and down in intensity.”

Previous story: The National Hurricane Center has identified an area of low pressure over the Central Atlantic as a spot to watch for tropical development in the coming days.

Forecasters are giving the blob of showers and thunderstorms a 40 percent chance of development over five days and a 30 percent chance over two days.

But the area is almost a thousand miles east-southeast of Bermuda, and moving north. That means the chance of the area affecting land is minimal.

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