VIDEO: Think dust devils are harmless? Watch what happens at this softball game

Dust devils are typically small, weak whirlwinds – a novelty spinning up dirt in an empty field or swirling leaves on a street.

But the funnel-shaped rotating columns of wind can be powerful enough to cause some damage as attendees at a softball game in Alberta, Canada learned over the weekend.

According to the Calgary Herald, the dust devil surprised game watchers with its power, tossing folding chairs, blankets and gear about before heading into a neighborhood.

The junior high teacher who captured the twister on video, Kendall Hardy, said the day was hot and sunny.

Dust devils form when hot air near the surface rises quickly through cooler air above it. That forms an updraft, similar to thunderstorms, and creates the spinning column of air.

Screen grab from Kendall Hardy’s video posted on YouTube.

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