Star Wars weather: West Palm Beach, it’s like Yavin 4 out there

Want to know what planet in the Star Wars universe your weather most resembles?

Well, one intrepid video and web producer has created a website where you can pop in the name of your town and find out what planet you’d most likely be living on if you were a Star Wars character (and what character would you be?)

Tom Scott created Star Wars Weather Forecast.

When I typed in West Palm Beach last week, it told me I may as well be living in Dagobah  – “Hot and wet, and not in a good way. Also, Yoda might be hiding somewhere.”


This  morning, it’s apparently more like Yavin 4, the jungle-covered 4th moon in orbit around the gas giant Yavin.

I came across Scott’s site while reading a great blog by Marshall Shepherd in Forbes. Shepherd is director of the atmospheric sciences program at the University of Georgia.


He is a self-proclaimed weather and Star Wars geek and wanted to put the two together for his students.

“While many of the planets/moons in the series likely were monoclimes (e.g. snowball climate or other other extreme climate state), I would like to present them in a way to teach about Earth’s climate system,” Shepherd wrote.

The ice planet Hoth is a monoclime, like many planets in Star Wars.
The ice planet Hoth is a monoclime, like many planets in Star Wars.

It can get a little technical, but he goes into explain that Tatooine would likely be an area of large-scale sinking motion, similar to most major deserts of Earth, which are located in the sinking branch of the Hadley Circulation. 

The planet Hoth is also explained, as well as Dagobah and Mustafar.

It’s an interesting discussion that also brings in Dan Zehr’s discussion, “Studying Skywalkers” the Meaning of Weather in Star Wars. 

“Weather matters,” Zehr writes. “Poe used it often to reflect the fall of the Usher household in the titular short story, and Twain used it to mirror Huckleberry Finn’s loneliness and melancholy in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Star Wars often offers this insight as well.”

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